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Reviews Of Dominion Hemp Bedding

Reviews From Owners Of Happy, Healthy Chickens

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Christopher G.
Verified ownerVerified owner

I like the product but. I ordered 2 bales and they were supposed to be 33lbs each. One was way lighter than 33lbs

2 months ago
Nadine Weisser
Verified ownerVerified owner

Doesn’t last as long as described in your video. Lasted 4 days. Too expensive for such a short time . Also the shipping is too expensive.

Verified reviewVerified review - view original

7 months ago
Verified ownerVerified owner

I am using the bedding in my chicken house. I have roughly 60 or so and heard through a mutual friend about the bedding. This was the 2nd bag I purchased. I really like the texture and weight of the hemp. Tends to stay in place better. I was using flakes which have no weight. I have not had to clean the chicken house every week since using the hemp. The first time I used the hemp I was unsure how thick to put down but the last 2 times have put it thicker. One thing I’ve noticed it does have some dust. Overall I like the product. We used it this time in our pigeon house as well.

Verified reviewVerified review - view original

11 months ago
Alexa N.
Verified ownerVerified owner

This bedding is great. It’s a great price for the amount you get and it’s very absorbent. My only complaint is that it can be quite dusty so keep that in mind when buying.

Verified reviewVerified review - view original

1 year ago
Tania Croteau
Verified ownerVerified owner

I was ordering through Amazon and received a few moldy batches, so I went straight to the company, where even with shipping the price is lower and the product fresher. Having used hemp bedding from several companies over the years, you can’t beat Old Dominion for well dried freshness! That said, there tends to be more fibrous matter in this brand of bedding, not a problem for equines, but not great for chickens who have a tendency to get the poopy fibrous material stuck to their feet. (That’s the lacking star) Overall the best option though, so I stick with Old Dominion.

1 year ago

Reviews from Happy Horse Owners

Wolfe Pack Farm

Cheryl Wolfe discusses how Dominion Hemp has changed how Wolfe Pack Farm beds their horses.

Keystone Stables

Emily Jay, owner of Keystone Stables, talks about the benefits of Dominion Hemp hemp bedding for her horses and her horse farm.

Liberty Arabians Stable
Liberty Arabians Farm uses Dominion Hemp with their horses.

"Our broodmare loves laying in it."

"We did a thorough test of  Dominion's Hemp hemp bedding in our two worst horse stalls. After two weeks the results were just as advocated, reductions in labor and ammonia odor and less wasted bedding as a result of easier picking. An added bonus was the extra cushioning effect over traditional wood shavings. We are believers and now use hemp in all twelve of our stalls."

Bob Rombs, Liberty Arabian Farms

"The best part is that it’s sustainable!"

"Hemp is much better for the planet than using trees. It’s one of the fastest maturing plants ever and can replace the use of trees for making dozens of paper products, not just bedding.”

Elizabeth Smith, Sunset Valley Arabians

"I highly recommend it."

"We have hemp bedding from Dominion Hemp in our barn and we are very pleased with the absorbency and ease of cleaning each day. The stalls have no dust, soft underfoot, less waste and it holds up extremely well."

Sarah Vogeley, Piedmont Search and Rescue-Mounted Team

Reviews From Happy Reptile Owners

"The rumors are true!"

"The rumors are true; after only four days of testing with our snakes and feeder rats, the Dominion Hemp bedding destroyed the TSC pine shavings."

Beach Rats and Balls

"A healthier substrate."

"So glad to be able to switch over all of the animals to a healthier, longer-lasting substrate."

Savage Constrictors

"Hemp has almost no dust!"

"Small pieces and very low dust, our snakes like it. And we use it for our rats, and it smells super clean. Compared to aspen shaving, hemp has almost no dust!"

Patent Pending Pythons

"Easy for snakes to burrow."

"I love how it holds humidity; love the way it smells, and is small and softens when wet.

Easy for snakes to burrow and minimal dust."

Mom and Buggs Reptiles

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