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Hemp Bedding For Snakes, Lizards and Reptiles

It doesn’t take an expert in herpetoculture to recognize the sublime grace of a snake, the good looks of a gecko and the bold beauty of a bearded dragon. Their magical mechanics enchant us.

Their wonders remind us of the fantastical feats of nature. Reptile owners you know how particular nature is. A Blue Tailed Skink, Baby Ball Python, or Chameleon, all have different personalities and different needs.

Why Do Reptiles Need Hemp Bedding?

Dominion Hemp is here to make caring for your reptile easier than with other types of animal bedding.

Hemp terrarium substrate will be a welcome addition to your reptile habitat. Safe reptile bedding should be absorbent, non-toxic, and shouldn’t irritate delicate skin. Bark and wood shavings can contain sharp objects that might be damaging to your pets.

Our hemp substrate is safe for the vast majority of reptiles including snake, lizards, turtles and amphisbaenids.

It’s always a good idea to check your substrate, no matter what bedding you choose. Keep your pet well hydrated to avoid gastrointestinal problems.

Hemp Helps Regulate Humidity in Terrariums

Humidity levels vary from species to species. The unique structure of Hemp fiber allows airflow and moisture retention, these special qualities make hemp a versatile and dependable bedding for reptiles. Burrowing Bellatrix will appreciate her clean, dry, den when she retires for the evening. Hemp substrate quickly absorbs four times its weight. Cleaning is fast and easy with hemp bedding in your terrarium.

Hemp Means Less Dust, Less Fuss

Eye and lung irritation can occur from dust that is found in many commercial reptile substrate products. Hemp bedding for snakes and other reptiles will keep your tough guy safe, his feet, or lack thereof, spoiled in the springy softness of hemp, with nary a splinter in sight.

Hemp Controls Odors in Your Reptile Habitat

The perfume of cedar is alluring, it masks many odors, unlike hemp, which absorbs them! Plicatic acid, a substance found in some tree resins, can actually destroy cells in the lungs and trachea. Reptiles are at greater risk of damage from exposure to natural and man-made chemicals because they are often in a confined space. Herby will be safe in a terrarium with Hemp reptile bedding because it’s non-acidic and has a neutral odor.

Go Green With Hemp!

Hemp is an incredibly versatile plant that leaves no part wasted.. It can produce four times the pulp per acre than trees AND it can renew itself annually. Hemp reptile bedding is biodegradable. Support sustainable farming practices and help create a larger demand for hemp. The earth and economy will thank you for it.

Hemp Bedding Installation For Reptiles, Lizards and Snakes

Product Specs

We recommend our 6.6 pound (30 quart) bag for Reptile/Snake/Lizard enclosures.

Applications for Reptiles/Snakes/Lizards  (50 Gallon tank)

Our clients use a wide variety of applications for utilizing our bedding. Provided below are recommended techniques:


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