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Rabbits eating grass together

Hemp Bedding for Rabbits, Guinea Pigs, and Hamsters

Benefits of Hemp Bedding for Rabbits

Fluffy, adorable, and fun, rabbits are perhaps some of the most rewarding pets you can have.

Thanks to their iconic ears, hoppy legs, and their cute noses, it’s clear that many people would love to get their own rabbit. However, as with any animal, getting a rabbit means that you have to prepare as required to safeguard the health of your pet.

Taking care of a dog or cat is easy but, according to PETA, the same is not easy when you have a rabbit.

The natural habitats for rabbits include meadows, forests, grasslands, and more. Thus, hemp bedding is perfect for rabbits as it provides a more natural outdoor and comfortable experience for them.

No More Odors!

While they are exceptionally adorable, rabbits are not easy to potty train, and you have to clean their hutches regularly. Why? Because rabbit waste can accumulate over time, and this can produce a foul stench in the rabbit hutch. They mostly consume leafy greens such as kale, spinach, cabbage, and more. Plus, pockets and fluid-catching spaces in the hemp also help to trap odors. Hemp bedding is highly absorbent, and you can forget about any accumulated pet urine issues.

Sustainable Pet Care Option

Pet owners around the world increasingly realize the importance of using sustainable pet care products. Hemp beds are just right for the purpose. Why? Hemp is an entirely organic material that does not have any adverse side effects on the environment.
Growing hemp helps improve the environment and the quality of air by converting carbon dioxide (CO2) into oxygen (O2). Plus, hemp can thrive in various types of environments.

Perfect for Rabbit Kittens or Kits

If you are keeping the rabbits for more than just pet purposes, hemp bedding also makes up for an excellent bedding solution for rabbit kittens. It’s exceptionally comfortable, and almost mimics the natural habitats in which you would find rabbits. Hemp has excellent heat retention properties and is also odor resistant – perfect for a rabbit hutch full of kittens.

Benefits of Hemp Bedding for Guinea Pigs

Not as fragile as rabbits, and generally less skittish when compared to other rodents such as gerbils, guinea pigs are excellent pets. Otherwise referred to as domestic cavy, these pets are not from the country Guinea as you would think. They live for many years, and you are sure of a pet that will be with you for many years.

Plus, they have different personalities and are very vocal. Guinea pigs communicate through chattering, squeaks, purring, and more. And, with their diets mostly consisting of grass and grass hay, such as Timothy Hay, it’s clear that practicing hygiene will be crucial.

Offers “Moisture Wicking” Properties

Are you worried about your pets becoming soggy with pet waste, moisture or any other similar circumstance?

Well, the right hemp bed products will ensure your pet stays dry, which is crucial for their ongoing health.

Cold or soggy bedding can expose your pet to various health issues, and this can easily compromise their well-being. Hemp bed products have a unique “moisture-wicking” effect, making them more effective than most pet products. And since hemp bedding can absorb up to four times its weight, it is the perfect material to keep your guinea pig dry and happy.

Yes, that’s right – four times its weight!

Improved Air Quality

Dust compromises the quality of air, and can easily lead to breathing complications. It’s especially harmful if you have guinea pig pups or one with a weak immune system. With the right hemp products, you are sure of providing a dust-free environment for your pets.

Hemp also produces a small amount of dust – compared to the conventional types of bedding. A low dust environment is also crucial if you have several females (sows) and only one male (boar).

Benefits of Hemp Bedding for Hamsters

Some are dwarfs, some are large, and some are just medium-sized – but we all know one thing. Hamsters are some of the most popular pets today, with the golden or Syrian species being the most preferred type.
Aside from being cute and lovely pets, hamsters can also live for up to 3 years in the right conditions.

Having been domesticated for hundreds of years, there is lots of data on taking care of hamsters. However, owning a pet means that you have to get quality resources for their well-being – such as hemp bedding.

High Salvage Rate

Unlike products such as pine shavings and wood pellets, hemp can absorb over four times its weight. Thus, it helps you save time and money, which would have otherwise been spent on replacement products for pets. Spreading it all around the hamster cage is also, and it’s not prone to exposure to moisture or water.

Since they are omnivorous animals (they eat meat and vegetables), using hemp can be an excellent approach for controlling their waste. Plus, their natural environments mostly consist of burrowed environments that are nested with dry grass and leaves.

Offers Excellent Temperature Regulation

You will be pleased to know that hemp bedding provides high levels of thermal regulation, unlike what you would expect with other similar alternatives. Keeping your pet warm helps ensure they are safe from the cold temperatures, such as during the cold winter nights. These are the same characteristics that all other 19 hamster species from the subfamily Cricetinae of hamsters share.

How is This Possible Just from Hemp Bedding?

Well, it’s all down to how hemp bedding sits in a hamster cage. It has air pockets and excellent heat retention properties when compared to sawdust or pine shavings. Since hamsters tend to live in burrows during the day, they are mostly crepuscular (nocturnal), and they mostly feed at night. Thus, hemp would be perfect for thermoregulation purposes.

Benefits of Hemp Bedding for Pet Rats

Please see our expanded page on Hemp Bedding for Rats and Mice.

Hemp Bedding Installation For Rabbits, Hamsters, and Other Small Pets

Product Specs

We recommend our 2+ cubic feet (30 quart) bag for rabbits, hamsters, guinea pigs, gerbils, mice, and other small pets.

Applications For Small Pet Cages and Enclosures

Our clients use a wide variety of applications for utilizing our bedding. Provided below are recommended techniques:


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