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FAQs About Our Hemp Bedding

At Dominion Hemp we understand that hemp and hemp bedding are relatively new products to many people. And we hope some of these frequently asked questions and information helps with the education of our incredible product.

Is Dominion Hemp hemp bedding made from fiber hemp stalks, CBD plant stalks, or grain stalks?

Our hemp bedding is made from fiber hemp stalks. Fiber hemp typically has a more mature and absorbent quality than CBD or grain hurd. Hurd is the material we use for the hemp bedding.

How many bags do I need for an 8' x 6' Chicken coop?

One to two bags will cover the hen boxes and an 8' x 6' chicken run. Please see our application chart on our hemp for chickens page.

How many bags do I need for a 12' x 12' horse stall?

One 33lb bag will cover 11 cubic feet at a one-inch depth, most of our equine clients use three to five bags, adding one bag every 7-10 days to replace the soiled material.

Please see our hemp horse bedding page for application options.

Can I use my spent/soiled hemp for composing or spread it into my field?

Yes, we have many clients that use soiled hemp for composting. Hemp is biodegradable and does not have the acidity of pine shavings.

There seems to be black dust in our hemp bedding, is this dust?

No, this is called the fines of the hemp hurd. This micro-material is great for absorption and will not become airborne.

Do you sell pallets of material?

Yes, we can accommodate FTL orders at a time, if interested in a quote, please email sales@odhemp.com.

What other material is in the bag, other than hemp hurd?

Our hemp bedding is 100% hemp hurd. We do not add any other material to our hemp bedding.

Are there any pesticides or herbicides in the hemp?

No, the material we received from the EU is grown without any pesticides.

If my animal eats the hemp, will it harm them?

Your pet may nibble at the hemp bedding out of curiosity at first, this is common with many animals. They quickly lose interest. Hemp hurd is part of the plant but not appealing to many animals’ palettes. If you notice your Pet is eating abnormal amounts of their bedding, there could be an underlying issue and you should contact a veterinarian.

We own goats and alpacas. Is the hemp bedding safe for them?

Yes, we have goat and alpaca breeders that use our hemp bedding.

If my pet eats the hemp will they get high or fail a drug test?

This is our favorite question; the answer is NO. There is no THC in our hemp bedding.

How do I become a distributor?

Contact us at sales@odhemp.com.

I do not have a distributor in our area how do I purchase?

You can buy through our e-commerce store at DominionHemp.com or Amazon.com. We will soon be available on Chewy.com. If you would like to contact us with your favorite pet store and we will get in touch with them about carrying our hemp bedding.

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