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A Solution For Healthy, Happy Animals

Dominion Hemp, formerly Old Dominion Hemp, is a Virginia-based distributor of high-quality hemp bedding for horses, chickens, and pets. Hemp bedding is perfect for horse stalls, chicken coops, dog kennels, and even hamster cages! Our bedding is super absorbent, produces a very low amount of dust, saves money, and protects the environment.

Dominion Hemp Bedding Outperforms All Other Bedding Material

Icon - Dominion Hemp bedding absorbs 4 times its weight

Absorbs 4x its Weight

Hemp absorbs 4x its own weight. Your animals will stay dry longer than with straw or wood.
Icon - Dominion Hemp bedding is 99% dust-free

99% Dust Free

Low dust is critical to limiting life-threatening respiratory problems of horses and other animals.
Icon - Dominion Hemp bedding is biodegradable and sustainable

Sustainable & Biodegradable

Our hemp bedding decomposes and composts much faster than either wood chips or sawdust.

What is Hemp Bedding?

As a farmer or animal owner, you know the benefits of lining chicken coops, horse barns, and other pet houses with quality bedding. These benefits include better production, more comfort, reduced odors, and cost-effectiveness. Hemp has topped the list of best animal bedding for all the mentioned benefits plus many more that you might not have heard of.

Read on and you’ll learn why hemp bedding is the best for your pets.

If you aren’t familiar with hemp, it’s possible to confuse hemp with other types of cannabis. Hemp fiber is used for a wide variety of applications in the textile, beauty, and animal bedding industries. Each part of the hemp plant is valuable from the hemp stalk, hemp seeds, and hemp leaves, to the hemp oil.

Hemp bedding is made from the stalks of the plant. The stalks are then processed into a fine mulch-like texture known as hemp straw. The product is soft to give your pets comfort. Besides, hemp bedding is a natural absorbent that helps eliminate unpleasant smells from the animal house.

Is Dominion Hemp Good for Horses?

If you’re wondering what the best bedding for your horse is, then it’s none other than Dominion Hemp.

Our bedding maximizes good horse care which takes into consideration the environment, equine health, comfort, manure management, and fly control.

Here are some of the reasons why you should use hemp bedding in your horse stalls:

Hemp has very low dust particles

Did you know that horses only breathe through the nose? Well, this means that they can easily catch respiratory illnesses. Luckily, hemp for horse stalls has minimal dust that enables your horse to breathe easily. Besides, as horse owners, you also want to work in an environment that’s free of dust and other allergens.

Hemp is very economical for horses

Hemp used in the horse stalls lasts longer than the usual paper or wood shavings. Other than saving on the cost of buying hemp, you also save on other related costs such as maintenance, transport, and labor. Take part in economic revival by investing in hemp for your horses- they’ll reward you with loyalty!

Hemp eliminates ammonia odors

Horse urine can produce the dreaded ammonia smell. With hemp, the urine flows to the bottom keeping the surface clean and dry. With reduced ammonia smells, you can forget about flies in the horse stall. Well, these all translate to a better environment for you and your horse.

Hemp is the most absorbent bedding

Unlike chickens and other small pets such as guinea pigs, horses can release a huge amount of urine. Without proper floor covering, this may lead to wet conditions that can create thriving ground for bacteria. Of course, this can affect the health of your horse, especially from foot rots.

Luckily for you, hemp bedding for horses absorbs up to 4 times more than typical bedding such as aspen, pine shavings, cedar, and other wood shavings.

Is Dominion Hemp Good for Chickens?

If you’re a chicken lover, you know the importance of having comfortable chicken coops for your feathered friends. Hemp is the best for your chicken floor cover compared to pine shavings and other wood chips because:

Hemp is a super-soft landing for eggs

As a chicken farmer, it’s a loss to have eggs breaking as they fall on the ground. Hemp is so soft that it will offer a soft landing spot for your eggs.

Hemp is a natural insect repellent

Mites are a dreaded pest in chicken coops. They make your chickens uncomfortable. Hemp has natural insect-repelling properties that will keep mites, flies, fleas, and other types of insects away from your chicken houses.

Hemp is good for chicken feet!

Chickens have soft leg pads that easily rot from wetness or perforations. You don’t have to watch your chickens walk with limps if you use our bedding for your chicks. You can rest easy knowing they have a comfortable surface to walk on.

Hemp controls odors

Chicken waste produces a choking ammonia smell. The smell can affect the respiratory health of your chickens as well as the people living near the chicken coops. Old Dominion bedding controls all bad odors leaving your backyard chicken coops smelling fresh.

Hemp bedding easily composts

Hemp is biodegradable and quickly incorporates chicken waste to form manure. The manure can be utilized in your garden to give higher yields. Chicken manure is known as one of the most fertile for use in gardens.

Dominion Hemp Is Safe & Economical

If you’ve been wondering whether hemp bedding is safe for your pets, then the answer is yes. Our Dominion Hemp for chickens and horses is tested by experts to ensure it meets quality standards. There aren’t any negative effects associated with lining your chicken coops and horse barns with hemp.

If you’re in the animal husbandry field, bedding is an essential part of keeping your pets safe, healthy, and comfortable. If you’ve been using bedding such as hay, sawdust, straw, pine shavings, or shredded paper, it’s time to explore trying hemp with your animals.

Save up to 2/3 of your bedding costs

With hemp chicken bedding, you can save much more. Even though hemp may seem expensive in the beginning, in the long run, it’s more economical. You can save up to 2/3 of your usual cost of animal bedding.

Change the bedding less

Notably, you don’t have to check the bedding frequently as the hemp can last you months. By the time you need to change the bedding, it has already been composted to give you manure for your chicken garden. Also, view the benefits of the improved health of your pets and better production.

Hemp bedding is best for animals such as horses and chickens. Hemp is preferred for its high absorbent features, ability to mask odors, minimal dust, and cost-effectiveness. Try our Dominion Hemp on your pets today. We guarantee animal comfort, safety, and health!

Our Mission

At Dominion Hemp, we value community, innovation, hard work, and discovery. One day we decided to try something different, even a bit controversial.

We liked what we found: hemp bedding for horses. We dedicated a year to research and development to determine if hemp would be accepted into the Virginia equine market. It was! Once that worked, we tried hemp for chickens. Then we moved on to snakes, hamsters, and small animals.

Our mission at Dominion Hemp is to provide our customers with the best bedding for animals and pets and encourage others to discover what hemp can do for them.

A brown horse in a stall with hemp bedding
Dominion Hemp began by serving horses and horse owners.

Our Local Partners

The hemp industry does not exist without farmers. Reintroducing hemp, a crop from the past with a bright future. will give farmers a profitable and sustainable future, new income, and new opportunities to keep their family farms.

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