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Benefits of Hemp Bedding

Our bedding is super absorbent, produces minimal dust, and reduces odor

Icon - Dominion Hemp bedding absorbs 4 times its weight

Absorbs 4x its Weight

Hemp absorbs 4x its own weight. Your animals will stay dry longer than with straw or wood.
Icon - Dominion Hemp bedding is 99% dust-free

99% Dust Free

Low dust is critical to limiting life-threatening respiratory problems of horses and other animals.
Icon - Dominion Hemp bedding is biodegradable and sustainable

Sustainable & Biodegradable

Our hemp bedding decomposes and composts much faster than either wood chips or sawdust.

Very Absorbent

Hemp absorbs four times its weight, making it an excellent choice for horse bedding and more.

Hemp fibers have a smooth outer layer and a spongy interior. Hemp fibers, like bamboo, are segmented, adding another obstacle when moisture tries to escape. The structure has a natural fold on one end as well as many crevasses, leaving moisture trapped. Hemp absorbs at the rate of 7.43mg/min high and dissipates at 12.6mg/min.

You’ll spend less time cleaning as well as less time and money cleaning up after your animals.

Low Dust

Hemp produces little if any dust. Using hemp for animal bedding is safer for you and for your animals.

Veterinarians and farriers recommend hemp horse bedding for allergy sufferers. Horse and human alike will appreciate less exposure to particulates that trigger allergies. Hemp produces significantly fewer dust particles than straw, wood shavings or hay.

Hemp helps keep mold and mildew at bay longer than common bedding materials.

Reduces Odor

Hemp traps odors associated with ammonia smells in horse stalls, chicken houses, and anywhere pets produce pesky odors.

Tiny pores let out air while holding decomposing matter in. Pockets keep smells due to rot and mildew trapped inside. These pockets are also why hemp is so absorbent. The hemp fibers are full of odor and fluid-catching pockets! The pores and open structure provide airflow on top and traps unpleasant smells in the bottom.

Our hemp bedding stays dry and odorless!


Industrial hemp Is sustainable and green.

Hemp produces four times as much pulp as trees per acre and can be renewed annually. It has the highest yield per acre of any other fiber crop. Farmers value hemp as a rotation crop.

While growing, hemp takes in CO2, cleaning the air, and protects against soil erosion. What remains after harvest breaks down and adds nutrients back into the soil.

Hemp is used for phytoremediation, the process of removing toxins from the soil, water, and air. It is currently being used at the Chernobyl nuclear disaster site for this purpose. Hemp will grow in varying climates and soil types. Pests are an insignificant problem when growing Hemp, lowering the need for pesticides.

It chokes out weeds, eliminating the widespread use of herbicides, and leaves a field free of weeds, ready for the next planting.

Growing hemp for fiber instead of trees, protects wildlife habitat, watersheds, and forests. Industrial hemp is green!

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