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DominionHemp.com and Amazon Shipping

DominionHemp.com and Amazon.com orders are shipped exclusively through UPS. We cannot offer free shipping on the hemp bedding from DominionHemp.com without greatly increasing the bedding price. We pass our negotiated rates directly to our customers and make no profit on the shipping or handling of our hemp bedding.

During times of high fuel costs, we often pay some of the shipping costs ourselves to save customers money.

Chewy.com Shipping

Chewy.com orders are shipped via Federal Express. The shipping price is based on Chewy's negotiated rates, which are low due to their high volume.


Unfortunately, we do not accept returns of our bedding. The shipping is too costly. If you are not satisfied with our premium hemp bedding, please get in touch with your sales representative for alternative solutions.

Damaged Bags

If you receive a bag that is severely damaged and missing a substantial amount of product from the bag, we will send you a new bag with proper documentation of the damaged bag. We do not handle returns for our E-commerce.

Please contact us for any questions.

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