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Dominion Hemp: Perfect for Pet and Planet

Our Mission

Dominion Hemp is a Virginia-based distributor of high-quality hemp bedding for horses, chickens, and pets. Hemp bedding is perfect for horse stalls, chicken coops, dog kennels, and even hamster cages. Our bedding is super absorbent and has great coverage, saving money and labor.

Dominion Hemp works to innovate on tradition and distribute an American-grown, sustainable, efficient animal bedding product that helps equestrians and small animal owners alike take superior care of their animals. Dominion Hemp alleviates the hassle of labor and disposal and lightens environmental impact so that you can run a cleaner, more efficient barn or enclosure - which in the end, allows you to care for your animals at the level that you care for your family. 

The low-dust Grade, A quality of Dominion Hemp bedding, provides a comfortable and healthy resting place for animals. The clumping action and absorbency of the natural hemp make cleaning extra efficient and the product goes further.

Ditch the dusty, acidic, inefficient pine shavings. Reach for the clean, sustainable, lower dust alternative that will have every animal — including the humans- breathing a sigh of relief.

The Virginia Industrial Hemp Market

Dominion Hemp is dedicated to re-establishing the Industrial Hemp market in Virginia. We believe Hemp can change the fabric of our society, and enjoy educating the public about the many incredible uses of Hemp and the tremendous economic opportunities Hemp production allows.

With 50,000+ uses, an innovative population and fertile farm land, Virginia is the right place at the right time. Dominion Hemp is focused on plowing the way for Hemp farming to take root and grow an agricultural, environmental and economic revival. The Hemp industry will provide a new crop for farmers, improved products for consumers and encourage a robust economy.

Connecting Farmers With Opportunity

The Hemp industry can not exist without farmers. Reintroducing Hemp into our agricultural community will provide farmers with a crop that is easy on the environment and strengthens the economy. Family farms, whose numbers grow smaller every day, can look toward the future with confidence as they watch their Hemp grow. Products such as horse hemp bedding, hemp bedding for chickens and other small animals directly benefit our communities, farms, and families. We are committed to supplying a superior product to our customers and committed to the future of farming in Virginia.

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