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About Dominion Hemp

Our Mission

Dominion Hemp supplies first-class hemp bedding for equines and small animals.

We dedicated a year of time and resources to determine if hemp would be accepted into the Virginia Equine Market. After a great response, we continued to work hand-in-hand with our first clients until we developed the quality and versatility of a product we are proud to call our own.

The benefits of Hemp bedding far exceed any other bedding material on the market. Hemp is an extraordinary fiber that is well-suited for horse stall bedding. Hemp naturally inhibits bacteria and remains dry and soft longer than most other animal bedding. Industrial hemp farming yields much more pulp than trees and saves woodland habitat.

Innumerable Hemp-based products are popping up in the grocery store and the salon. When you use hemp bedding for animals you are supporting farmers, creating jobs and changing the fabric of our economy, strengthening our communities.

The Virginia Industrial Hemp Market

Dominion Hemp is dedicated to re-establishing the Industrial Hemp market in Virginia. We believe Hemp can change the fabric of our society, and enjoy educating the public about the many incredible uses of Hemp and the tremendous economic opportunities Hemp production allows.

With 50,000+ uses, an innovative population and fertile farm land, Virginia is the right place at the right time. Dominion Hemp is focused on plowing the way for Hemp farming to take root and grow an agricultural, environmental and economic revival. The Hemp industry will provide a new crop for farmers, improved products for consumers and encourage a robust economy.

Connecting Farmers With Opportunity

The Hemp industry can not exist without farmers. Reintroducing Hemp into our agricultural community will provide farmers with a crop that is easy on the environment and strengthens the economy. Family farms, whose numbers grow smaller every day, can look toward the future with confidence as they watch their Hemp grow. Products such as horse hemp bedding, hemp bedding for chickens and other small animals directly benefit our communities, farms, and families. We are committed to supplying a superior product to our customers and committed to the future of farming in Virginia.

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