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Hemp Bedding Reviews

Reviews From Happy Horses & Chickens

“It’s amazing to me how versatile this stuff is!”

“I have been using Old Dominion Hemp bedding for my chickens for about four months now. Before I found the hemp bedding I was using sand in my run, straw in my nesting boxes, and pine chips for the floor in my roost. Now I am using hemp bedding in the roost, run, and nesting boxes and I love it. “ Meagan Hattaway

“Our broodmare loves laying in it.”

“We did a thorough test of Large Animal Hemp Bedding in our two worst horse stalls. After two weeks the results were just as advocated, reductions in labor and ammonia odor and less wasted bedding as a result of easier picking. An added bonus was the extra cushioning effect over traditional wood shavings. We are believers and now use hemp in all twelve of our stalls.”
Bob Rombs, Liberty Arabian Farms

“I highly recommend it.” 

“We have Hemp shavings from ODH in our barn and we are VERY pleased with the absorbency and ease of cleaning each day. The stalls have no dust, soft underfoot, less waste and it holds up extremely well.”
Sarah Vogeley, Piedmont Search and Rescue-Mounted Team

“ODH hemp bedding is amazing.”

“So absorbent and dust-free. Lasts way longer than shavings and easier to clean. Great product and great company to work with.”
Ashley Marie Nauta

“Great company!”

“Solid Integrity of owners.”
Josh Helberg, Vertical Green Farms

“Best part is that it’s sustainable!”

“Hemp is much better for the planet than using trees. It’s one of the fastest maturing plants ever and can replace the use of trees for making dozens of paper products not just bedding.”
Elizabeth Smith

“What a wonderful product!”

“We started using Hemp bedding a couple of months ago in a barn with a horse that is having allergic respiratory problems. Hemp is low dust, absorbent, easy to clean and smells great.”
Christa Hendricks

“Love it!”

“We have a chicken that lives in the house. Finally, we have almost no dust from the hemp bedding. We have a shed outside where we raise guinea keets, the dust in there is almost none and it lasts a long time.”
Katelyn Herring

Reviews From Happy Reptiles

“The rumors are true!

“The rumors are true, after only 4 days of testing with our snakes and feeder rats the Hemp bedding destroyed the TSC pine shavings.“
Beach Rats and Balls

“Easy for snakes to burrow.”

“I love how it holds humidity, love the way it smells and is small and softens when wet. Easy for snakes to burrow and minimal dust“
Mom and Buggs Reptiles

“A healthier substrate.” 

“So glad to be able to switch over all of the animals to a healthier, longer-lasting substrate.“
Savage Constrictors

White Python

“Hemp has almost no dust!“

“Small pieces and very low dust, our snakes like it. And we use it for our rats, as well and it smells super clean. Compared to aspen shaving, hemp has almost no dust!“
Patent Pending Pythons

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