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Dominion Hemp's Founder Marty Phipps Comments on THC Level Limit Remaining for Hemp Growers

Dominion Hemp
February 8, 2024

Wednesday was a disappointing day ‍for Virginia’s ‍industrial hemp farmers as a ‍bill that would⁢ have expanded their cultivation opportunities hit ⁤a roadblock. Del. Nick Freitas, R-Culpepper, presented‍ a‍ proposal to ‌the‌ House⁢ of Delegates ‌Agriculture, Chesapeake and Natural ⁣Resources Committee, seeking to‌ increase the allowable THC concentration⁣ in industrial hemp from 0.6% to 1%. However, concerns about‍ the potential impact on marijuana regulations in the state led to the bill being tabled.

“Dominion Hemp is the largest hemp⁣ animal‍ bedding company in the ⁢United States. At⁣ this point in time, we⁣ have to source ⁢our materials from other states due to the restrictions⁤ that currently⁤ are on our Virginia farmers,” said the company’s founder.

Marty Phipps, Founder of Dominion Hemp

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